Barcelona, Spain

An office is the expression of a company’s personal identity. Being a place where we spend most of our time, its design has become more important than ever, if we want to use space as a tool to generate happiness, wellbeing, and creativity. The office today in no longer static and rigid, but a synergetic space, combining functionality, personality and a holistic philosophy.

For RT133, a new entity in the Poblenou neighbourhood, we were in charge of the interior design and spatial strategy. The building is a 4927 gross built + 787 external sqm warehouse dedicated to the tech and creative industries, attracted by interior spaces that nurture the neighbourhood and a more sustainable future.

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A Biophilic Design Approach: Putting People and Movement To The Foreground

As the U.S. Green Building Council states; “The heart of our green building community’s efforts must go well beyond construction and efficiency, and the materials that make up our buildings. We must dig deeper and focus on what matters most within those buildings: human beings.” The new RT133 office comes with a LEED BD+C Gold certificate, the most widely used green building rating system, turning RT133 into a recognised symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

For the interior design we adopted a holistic approach based on the WELL Building Standard, providing the office space with an additional WELL v1 Silver certificate, guaranteeing a healthy and human experience through design. RT133 provides organic shapes and surprising elements, creating an environment that feels dynamic by following the natural flow of the body’s movement. Furniture is designed to be flexible and adaptable to various users and situations. As part of a biophilic design approach, the rooftop is used as a multipurpose space, including an urban garden, training space and natural terrace and patio.

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Healty Enviroment, Healthy People. The Importance Of Sustainable And Zero VOC Materials

There is a direct link between healthy environments and healthy people. If we want people to feel good in an office environment, we need an environmentally friendly interior design, which includes a selection of natural and eco friendly options of materials and the systems.

Harmful substances are still used extensively in interior spaces, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which we find in paint, flooring and furnishings, and which are released into the air through particle boards, carpets, and other finishing materials. For the interior of RT133 we exclusively used eco and natural materials, ensuring a healthy quality of the physical work environment.

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