Mesura × Vasto × Sara Regal

After a two–week–long artistic residency in Vasto Gallery's construction site, where Sara Regal was invited one year ago by Mesura and Vasto to create a bespoke design piece—"Split Table", all three collaborators saw an opportunity, a spark, a path to embrace the synergies and keep the designer's investigation going.

In this series, composed of 16 pieces, Sara showcases the importance of process and experimentation: even if all segments have been set to follow specific procedures and parameters, one can notice that each of them is an invitation to have a closer look, to find the irregularities and decisions that make them unique and distinguishable.

A journey into exploring construction waste to create a series of unique pieces in which the process is to be cherished.

See the complete catalogue here.

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Mesura × Vasto × Sara Regal

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